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Termites hatch within the egg room in a termite colony in which the termite queen lays eggs. For subterranean termites, the nest would be located in the soil. For drywood termites, the nest would be found within the wood which theyre infesting.

Worker termites have a microbe or protozoa in their stomach that breaks down any ingested cellulose into its simpler form. Worker termites will then use this simpler type of cellulose to nourish the rest of the colony.

No, large termite mounds are not found in the U.S. Termite-building mounds are mostly found in Australia, Africa, and South America.There have been instances where Ehrlich specialists have encountered large termite mud tubes in crawl spaces in elderly houses but not near the magnitude of termite mounds found overseas.

With termite control, it is always best practice to contact a professional pest control company. Your home is likely your most precious investment and many expensive possession. Termites, if left untreated or handled improperly, can threaten the structural stability of your home and result in extensive repair expenses.



4 Easy Facts About Quality Termite Control Explained

Its best to employ an experienced professional who 100% can confirm your house is infested with termites and then recommend the best treatment options.

Ehrlich will recommend different kinds of termite control solutions depending on the species of termite infesting your house.

For subterranean termites, Ehrlich supplies a conventional service (controlling termites with liquid termiticide) and a baiting service.

Termiticide yard and foundation applications - Termiticide applications involve applying products to your yard and the outer foundation of your house. This involves digging a trench around your house and applying termiticide at the depth where termites are active, as well as applying product to the outer foundation wall of your house.



Some Known Facts About Termite & Pest Control Adelaide.Everything about Termite & Pest Control Adelaide

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When they return to their colony, they transfer the termiticide to other termites, which kills them. Ehrlich employs the industrys leading termiticide, Termidor, for lawn applications. .



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Monitoring and baiting - A termite monitoring and baiting program is a proactive measure that is often considered the least invasive kind of termite treatment. Monitoring stations are installed in the soil around your home. Any termites coming close to the perimeter of your home are attracted to the bait station, feed on the bait, and return to their colony.

Ehrlich uses the industrys most proven monitoring and baiting products, the Sentricon System using Always Active TechnologyTM. .



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Fumigation is an effective treatment option for drywood termites. But, fumigation is not successful if your house is infested by subterranean termites because a fumigation service will not penetrate the soil and hit the underground subterranean termite nest.

There are two key ways to treat subterranean termite infestations.Liquid termiticide  An application of liquid termiticide will exterminate an infestation of subterranean termites by disrupting the normal function of their central nervous systems.Termite Baiting  A termite baiting system can also eliminate subterranean termites in your home by creating a barrier of protection around your property.

If termite workers cannot molt, they will die off and the colony will decline. .



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Fumigation  A drywood termite infestation will often require a fumigation support. Though the fumigation of a house will require a family to leave the home for a few days, it's a highly effective treatment method which will ruin any presence of termite presence on your property.Spot Termite Treatment is another treatment option for drywood termites which include the application of liquid termiticides directly to the regions in the house where termites have been identified. .

In terms of pest-related issues in a home, termite control is one of the more costly services. The price of termite treatment can change depending on which treatment method is employed, the dimensions of the structure and severity of the infestation.

We understand the importance of termite protection which is Bonuses precisely why we Ehrlich does provide competitive financing options.



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A liquid treatment typically lasts 10 years. A baiting and monitoring service will typically last 7-8 years in the event the machine is maintained regularly.Baiting apps are only effective as long as they are maintained in the ground. Liquid substances, nevertheless will remain effective for the complete period of time regardless because they cant be removed after application.When 8-10 years have passed since your houses initial termite treatment, you need to strongly consider additional treatments.

Ultimately, its best to keep termite service active on your property at all times. An average repair charge for termite damage is $3,000 and over. By keeping a regular termite service, you can prevent those tremendous expenses and inconvenience of repairing the harm. .

Termite baiting is a much greener treatment option than the use of liquid termiticides since it uses fewer chemicals in and around your home. Termite baiting stations can also be removed if needed.

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